3 Oct

General Information:

US is well known place for visit and living in today’s world. US is regarded as the top place of cherishing your dreams. It has the ability where all the dreams of individuals become a reality. It is ideal for people who prefer to live and work in a fun and safe environment. Every year, countless foreign nationals from all over the world come to the United States in search of work and permanent residence. All companies that are in the United States opened a vacancy for citizens abroad in a variety of fields to meet your needs. People who are prone to work in the United States must choose the ideal visa is not permanent work visas to change the function first work visa. In the United States, there is always relying on foreign labor in various fields such as agriculture, information technology experts in multinational organizations.

Types of US work visas:

People who are prone to work in the United States, must know that different jobs require different types of working visa, such as if you are a specialist IT will have another class that will be different from the employee’s seasonal work or business investor work visa. These are the different types of work visas that must be considered before trying to get a work visa in the United States:

Short-term work visa

In the short term visa, the United States issues work visa H-2B, which is selected by the people who are part of seasonal employees in the United States generally. Seasonal employees in the United States require such a visa is not a permanent job to work in non-agricultural products, such as parks, beach resorts and many other projects in local areas. It allows foreign seasonal employees who want to access the United States to work non-permanent unless the US Company had been given evidence that people needed labor shortages, which explains why we seek help foreign staff from abroad. After that, work certificate usually goes to US employers and allowed only non-permanent workers to allow in the United States for work.


Skilled workers temporary visa:

The United States also provides temporary work visas for skilled workers, which is certainly the H-1B. H-1B visa and function normally for employees who’ve enjoyed especially in the areas of electronics, engineering, telecommunications and exploration and many other areas skills. Moreover, this special visa is designed for qualified personnel in the short term when qualified overseas staff of foreigners in the care of various US companies.

Agricultural work visa

Agricultural work visa H-2A is given to foreign individuals and foreign workers for the United States; it is a temporary work visa to make agricultural work or agricultural related activities. In the past years due to the mass migration of men and women in the cities with a huge trend of urbanization, there is always a shortage of farm labor, so this visa type is defined for catering the agricultural needs of the country.

Permanent residency or Green card: 

Those people who have possession of a green card do not need to use of the authorization card, which is necessary for foreign workers who come to work in the United States. When you have a green card, then they have the legitimacy to have permanent residence in the United States. You can also apply for citizenship later on. A green card holders enjoy all the legal benefits that any US citizen to him in his country.

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