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Saudi Arabia Jobs and Work Visa

Saudi Arabia, A shiny prospect for those peoples who want to avail job opportunities. Saudi Arabia supports the issue as a major manufacturer and exporter of the worlds total oil liquids, national and company in the country. Saudi Aramco reserves and development of oil and gas more proven all over the world. Behind only Russia’s largest crude oil producer, Saudi Arabia has an estimated 267 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, including 2.5 billion in the Saudi and Kuwaiti normal Arab region, and 253 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of proven gas reserves. Surprisingly, and derives more than fifty percent of the gas reserves in Saudi Arabia only.

Saudi Aramco:

Saudi Aramco headquarters in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and uses more than 55,000 employees. Functions of Aramco are extended towards the whole world economy in the field of petrol and oil.

Promised to change in the coming years, Saudi Aramco is a leader in the campaign to solve some of the problems that the most vulnerable to the global energy industry. In 2020, Saudi Aramco will be main international hub of oil industry worldwide. With an aim to unleash the potential of its business and the people involved in it, and the company hopes to provide a diverse and sustainable expansion of the economy in the world and enabling the energy sector as a competitive industry.

Saudi Aramco has a lot of global partnerships, joint activities and subsidiaries in China, Egypt, Japan, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Investment in refineries and networks trading companies allows us to parent company or guardian to maintain reliable delivery of power to customers all over the world.


Saudi Arabia Work Visa Information:

Saudi Arabia offers good prospects for those who are excited to work many areas. Saudi Arabia is the favorite place for Africans and Asians who work there. Many people apply for a work visa, so here we tried to help our site users who want to get a job in the relationship to Saudi Arabia visa.

First, we must look to their jobs suggested by different companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hundreds associated with the race can be purchased on a regular basis each month, and if you decide to appropriate that fit their skills more effectively with talent work. Every action has a certain way to take care of its employees. But this procedure is the fact that the resistance to the applicant obtains a declaration of care after the company shows interest.

Documents required for visa:

While going to embassy for applying visa, you need following documents.

  • Original passport, which contains a set of blank pages next to each other.
  • It must have a valid passport in all parts of the company’s agreement with everything going on.
  • 3 passport size recent pictures together with a white background.
  • Statement released through the auspices of a company linked with both Saudi accredited by the Saudi Chamber of Business Administration and the Ministry associated with Saudi international affairs.
  • Visa application filled with capital letters, witnessed by government agencies properly. After the interview, the embassy issued making the student able to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work and make your bright future.
  • The content of the work agreed upon contract between the applicant and the sponsor provided.
  • A police statement showing no legal convictions of their candidate in the last six months.
  • Medical certificate given by the doctor to explain the general health condition and overall physical record of the applicant. It also requires that the lab reports, along with this must be certified by the doctor himself.Eligibility requirements to get Visa:


Eligibility requirements often modify from the point of view of profession aspect, firm rules and inclinations assigned through the businesses depending on their own policy.

 However, several common features include:

  • The applicant should be less in get older with 45 years old to make application for the task visa.
  • The applicant must have enough experience inside field they choose to operate in.
  • The applicant must have the capability to talk in Arabian Language and, must have proficiency to communicate.

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