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Kuwait Jobs Information

Introducing Kuwait, a modern state located in Persian gulf. It is officially known as “State of Kuwait” which shares common borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait population is nearly about 4.4 million in which 60% are Arabs. Most part of its population is constituted by Muslims and there also exists a native Christian community. Kuwait is mainly high income economy and recognized basically as petroleum based economy. The state of Kuwait is constitutionally monarch and powers are given towards National Assembly of Kuwait. Among the exports main exporting items are Petroleum products including Liquefied petroleum gas also and fertilizers. Due to diversification and modernist policy with accepting the people from all over the globe and providing them sound opportunities regarding business and investment, significant rise is entrepreneurship and small businesses is been recorded. This boom in both sectors, i-e formal and informal, resulted in strengthening of Kuwait’s economy.

Main Jobs Sectors in Kuwait:
Following are the main job sectors in Kuwait, which are offering great opportunities in order to pursue your career and making your job successful.

Oil and gas jobs in Kuwait:
Kuwait, as we know, is driving its Economy mainly via exports of oil and gas products. Its exports surpass more than half of middle eastern countries export. Kuwait’s oil reserves according to a roughly estimate are more than 108 billion barrels and natural gas reserves are more than 65 Tcf. Its average supply of oil was recorded more than 3 million Barrels of oil per day in world market share making Kuwait an important country in oil production.

Kuwait Oil company (KOC):

It is working under the directions of KPC, which involves in exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the premises of State of Kuwait. Furthermore, it also deals with the responsibilities charged to it mainly storage of crude oil and export through tankers.

Construction and Infrastructure jobs:
Owing to Kuwait’s commitment and excellency in recent years while improving and uplifting the construction and infrastructure sector, enabled people to excel in this field and also to find great opportunities to get jobs and settling their business. The architectural designs, construction management and progressive infrastructure engineering of Kuwait are known for its high dedication and professionalism in this field. This is the basic reason that it is expanding rapidly.

The main designations of this sector are as under:

  • Construction Manager.
  • QC Engineer.
  • Resident engineer.
  • Sanitary Engineer.
  • Quantity surveyor.
  • Section IN charge.
  • Plant IN charge.
  • construction Specialist.
  • Material Manager.
  • Assistant manager

I.T jobs in Kuwait:

Technology and I.T jobs in Kuwait are providing various opportunities also to job seekers around the world. Certain jobs include key skills as small /medium I.T integration projects, developing apps and managing windows server, software testing and auditing being the notable jobs.


Sales & marketing jobs in Kuwait:

A wide variety of job opportunities are available in present day Kuwait which has shown an extra ordinary development and growth in all sectors. The core activities and key skills required are; managing sales activities and events inline with annual sales and marketing plan to achieve the desired target. Implementing marketing/sales plan as per sales targets along with preparation and submission of daily/weekly reports. If you consider yourself fit to meet such requirements then give it a try.

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